Signage in an industrial environment.

Safety signs are commonly used to inform people. Depending on the type of signage or the location, the signage may include a variety of relevant information. You can find signs for:

Indicate firefighting equipment, fire extinguishers, hoses, etc.

Indicate the location of emergency equipment, defibrillators, first aid kit.

Indicate the rules to be observed for the safety of the building.

Indicate the potential dangers of fatal injury.

Indicate warnings of severe injury.

Indicate the location of service areas, toilets, locker room…

Formats and shapes may vary depending on the location and configuration of the building. For example, if you wish to indicate the location of a fire extinguisher in a narrow corridor, an “L” shaped sign is required.

– For general locations, a self-adhesive or styrene sign in a standard shape is suggested.

– The “L” sign is suggested for corridors.

– The “V” shaped poster is suggested for a large rectangle or square spaces.

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